Saint Germain Bakery

Said Dorota on Thursday May 2, 2013 at 09:08pm

We are huge fans of Chinese bakeries. I have a weakness for a good pineapple bun, and then there's just something wonderful about a cup of good tea with a red bean bun for an afternoon snack.

The Saint Germain bakery is one of our favorite Chinese bakeries in Vancouver.

Actually, the first time I discovered it was quite by accident! I was visiting the Oakridge mall on an errand during the lunch hour, and I noticed a long line running out the door of the little bakery by the entrance and got curious. With a line that long, it's got to be great, right?

I wasn't dissapointed. The goods I've found at this place are delicious!

Today I went to the branch in the Aberdeen Center - I have found this one is generally less crowded, though at lunch time all of the branches are pretty popular, plus today I got lucky and visited during the late afternoon on a day when the mall wasn't terribly busy.

This place has all of our favorites. There's some more unconventional items not typically found in the Western bakeries, both savory like the Curry Beef buns and the Green Onion and Sausage buns, and the sweet, like the Sweet Corn buns (my daughter loves these!), Coconut Danishes, Coconut Coctail buns, which have a sweet custardy filling, and of course, the Red Bean Buns. And a whole host of other items that I have yet to try!

My husband and I are particularly fond of the Cheese Raisin Buns.  

The Sponge Cup Cakes are another favorite with the kids, which are feathery light and not too sweet.

They typically have a screen by the register which displays which items have just come out of the ovens and which ones are scheduled to come out next. It also shows which items have been sold-out. One called the Bacon Bun seems to always be on this list - I need to catch that one when it's still on the shelf sometime to try it!

There's always a bunch of different spongy breads and rolls you can grab for later as well. The bakery is also known for special order cakes and I often see folks in line ordering something for special occasions.

Plus there's quite a lovely selection of cakes in the glass cases available. I still haven't had a chance to sample these cakes, but everyone in line always tells me this bakery is one of the best.

I always get a loaf of the Danish bread because everyone at our place loves to snack on the stuff. And a loaf of the green tea ...loaf...  which has a gelatenous consistency like a Mochi Rice Cake and has a strong Matcha tea flavor ... I like to have it with oolong in the late afternoon.



The other thing to note about this place is the awesome prices. I always come home with huge bags of breads and rolls and am amazed at how much value for the dollar I get here.

So, next time you're visiting the Aberdeen mall, be sure to stop in and check this place out. It's right next to a lot of other neat stuff like the H-Mart for Korean groceries and then there's my favorite "dollar" store called Daiso down at the other end which has two stories of awesome Japanese goods all selling for 2$. I can and usually do end up spending an hour or two in there.

You can also find the bakery down at the Oakridge mall -which actually just reopened after being closed for rennovations for quite some time, and then there's another one out at Metrotown.



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